About Us

Ultima Go Beyond

We are a team of talented creatives who believe in You!

Go Beyond! If anyone can do it, you can too.
At Ultima, the only way is up and there's always a beyond to go.

  • We are determined to ensuring every of your business is scaled up the maximum.
  • We fill in the loopholes ensuring you stay afloat of competition.
  • Utilizing first class techniques, we challenge ourselves to create the perfect experience for you.
    With Ultima, every limit is surpassed!

Who We Are

You ever had a digital need, which to fix, you post over social media calling for solution providers?

Then the next digital need arises and you have to do the same thing all over?

We are a team of global creatives seeking to create a stopgap where every digital need can be attended to, at once.

What We do

It's simple. We go beyond.
We understand the market strains and requirements and as such, we implement scalable techniques that work for your digital services.
Our members undergo credulous trainings in an attempt to remain viable and vital in the modern market, creating an added bonus to your patronage. At Ultima, we believe we can surpass the limits. All just for you!

Our Team

Meet the incredible, limits breaking, beyond reaching masterminds behind the Ultima managerial framework.

Headshot of Olabayo Impeccant Enoch

Olabayo Impeccant Enoch


Lead Facilitator.
Book Author and Comic Artist, Content/Multimedia Expert and Life Coach.

Headshot of Ojo Abiodun 'Jaspar'

Ojo Abiodun "Jaspar"


Sales strategist.
Lead Website & Boostrap Developer, Graphic visualizer and overall managerial head.

Headshot of Udeme Eric Itoro

Udeme Eric Itoro

Community Manager

Creative Illustrator.
In-charge of all operations involving art and print publications. Also a digital artist but never caught off the pens.